With over 50 years of land Rover Knowledge we have the experience to Inspect your land Rover vehicle, whether it is a pre purchase inspection or End of Warranty Inspection it Pays to have a

Qualified Land Rover Technician closely look at your vehicle, it can possible save you hundreds or perhaps thousands on acquiring your new Land Rover purchase and if you have a new Land Rover we strongly suggest to Have a End Of Warranty Inspection so Land Rover can carry out any required repairs on your land Rover vehicle.

At only $185.00 including full vehicle Diagnostics and Inspection, Please call Shane on 0416 121209

Our 140 Point inspection covers areas such as:


We hold our Land Rover Certified Pre-Owned vehicles up to extraordinarily high
performance standards. Learn more about our 140-point inspection check list.

Preliminary Comments

1. Recalls and campaigns performed

2. Next scheduled service performed if within 4,000 kilometres, or three months of next needed service

3. Land Rover Canada vehicle history/documentation in order

4. CARFAX or CarProof history report (ensure title clear of liens)

5. Correct VIN plate/door plate


6. Passport to Service & Owner’s Manual

7. Radio code

8. All vehicle keys and transmitters

9. All accessories are Land Rover (have keys if needed)

10. Exterior lamp/reflector condition

11. Body and paint inspection

12. Soft-top condition

13. Windscreen condition

14. Wipers/condition of mechanism/blades

15. Doors open/close and fit properly

16. Fuel cap/door working properly

17. Side/rear windows—condition

18. Bumper/fascia condition

19. Grille/trim/molding condition

20. Tool kit present

21. Spare tire/wheel size, condition and pressure; record tire tread depth

22. CD magazine is present (if fitted)

23. Trim/carpet condition

24. Loadspace cover condition and operation

25. Tail door/Tailgate & upper glass operation

26. Manual fuel lid release operation

27. Hood releases/locks properly

28. Engine oil level and condition

29. Power steering—pump/hoses—condition/leaks/fluid level

30. Active Cornering Enhancement (ACE) system leaks, hoses, fluid level and condition

31. Cooling system fluid level and protection level. Indicate Coolant protection good to ___°C

32. Cooling system leaks/pressure test/recovery tank/hose condition

33. Brakes—master cylinder and booster

34. Brake fluid level and condition

35. Washer fluid level

36. Air filter condition

37. Wires and cables condition

38. Vacuum hoses security/condition

39. Engine vacuum within specification

40. Engine compression within specification—test if engine performance issues (idle quality, smoke, misfire) are present

41. Drive belts condition

42. Timing belt condition

43. Ignition system, wires, coils, condition and routing 

44. Damaged wood, leather or carpets

45. Fit/condition of glovebox, console box and trim

46. Ashtray operation front and rear

47. Sun visor and vanity mirror

48. Airbag intact/no codes/dash light works properly

49. Child safety door latches

50. Condition of seatbelts

51. Tilt/telescope/lock function of steering column

52. Interior mirrors: condition/operation

53. Interior door handle operation

54. Trim—door trim/headliner/floor mats—condition/presence

55. Condition of seats

Electrical System – Interior

56. Stored engine, transmission, suspension, SRS or brake system codes

57. Interior lamps including glovebox, door, hood and loadspace

58. Vanity mirror lamps

59. Sunroof operation/limit switch

60. Window operation

61. Central locking system

62. Seat adjustments, memory/heated

63. Electrical tailgate release

64. Door mirrors, including memory (if fitted)

65. Clock(s)

66. Cigarette lighter(s)

67. Horn(s)

68. Wiper(s)—all speeds—rain sensor (if fitted)

69. Washer jets—headlamp, front and rear windscreen

70. Heated rear/front windscreen and mirrors

71. Blower motor operation/check for noise

72. Instrument panel warning lamps

73. Fuel pump noise/inertia switch

74. Instrument illumination including dimmer

75. Radio/cassette/CD operation

76. Steering wheel controls

77. All speakers (including audible warning)

78. Gearshift/key interlock system

79. Battery condition and specification Pass/Fail test

80. Starter/alternator operation (charging-record/regulated voltage/maximum amperage output/draw)

81. Alarm system

82. Warning chimes 

Electrical System – Exterior

83. Parking lamp/headlamp/alignment

84. Taillamps

85. Foglamps—front/rear

86. Hazard lamps

87. Brake lamps (including high-mount)

88. Reverse lamps

89. Directional lamps

90. License plate lamps

91. Operation in manual and automatic mode

92. Air distribution, vent controls, recirculation mode

93. Outlet temperature heating/cooling

94. Exterior temperature function

95. Rear air conditioning operation

96. Frame or underbody damage

97. Suspension—sway bars/Active Cornering Enhancement (ACE) component wear leaks/tie rods/control arms/bushings—wear

98. Springs/shocks/struts—damage/wear/leaks

99. Steering gear/rack and pinion/linkage/tie rods—wear

100. Fluid leaks

101. External fuel pump/fuel lines/fuel hoses/leakage. Perform fuel pressure test if driveability issues exist

102. Engine and transmission mounts

103. All brake lines and couplings

104. Exhaust system/catalytic converter/mainfold

105. Front/Rear wheel bearings

106. Parking brake and cables

107. Brake pads/shoes/rotors/calipers—front & rear; record brake pad and brake rotor thickness.

108. Road wheel nuts—torque

109. Wheels—size/condition

110. Tire pressure and specification

111. Tire tread depth—inner, centre, outer; record tire tread depth

112. Tires/condition/abnormal wear/match/speed rating/type

113. Automatic transmission system—condition and fluid level

114. Transfer case operation and fluid level

115. Differential fluid level—front and rear

116. Universal /CV joints/boots—condition

117. Electronic air suspension components—condition and operation (if fitted)

118. Self-leveling rear suspension components—condition and operation (if fitted)

Road Test

119. Engine start-up, cold/hot (excessive exhaust smoke)

120. Cooling fan/fan clutch/motor—condition and operation

121. Abnormal noises/engine running—engine, transmission, drive axle, brakes/ABS

122. Engine idle—smooth idle and acceleration from idle

123. Instrument pack gauges for normal operation

124. Fluid leaks while running

125. Trip computer

126. Cruise control

127. Automatic transmission shift quality/passing gear/slippage

128. Abnormal wind noise

129. Engine performance

130. Vibration (drivetrain and wheels)

131. Straight-line stability/pull

132. Steering wheel alignment

133. Vehicle handling

134. Braking system including ABS/parking brake

135. Seatbelts—inertia locking system

136. Engine running at operating temperature

137. Park Distance Control (PDC)

138. Navigation system/compass (if fitted)

139. Low Range, differential lock engagement and operation


140. Emissions (meet provincial/local requirements)

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